2016 Reloaded Tour


Melody Lacayanga

Originally from Daly City, Ca, Melody trained in classical and contemporary ballet, modern jazz, blues and Afro-Haitian at the School of the Arts under Elvia Marta. She also received extensive training as a member of The Dance Company of San Francisco. Now in LA, Melody's credits include Idol Gives Back, Mark Meismer's Evolution, Justin Giles' Soul Escape, Coco Lee Benefit Concert, Jackie Chan and Superstars in Concert, Ellen Degeneres, San Francisco AIDS Benefit. Melody was the top female dancer on season one of the hit FOX TV show, “So You Think You Can Dance” and has since traveled the world as a performer and artist.


Krista Miller

Krista has been working as a professional dancer in the entertainment industry for many years. She began her dancing career as a Los Angeles Laker girl and since then has gone on to work in commercial, T.V and film. Some of her credits include dancing with Jim Carrey in The Mask, the Academy Awards with Debbie Allen, Saved by the Bell, Doogie Houser, North and Cinderella. She has performed with numerous artists such as Prince, Bare Naked Ladies, Fastball, and Elvis Costello. Her most recent choreography can be seen in the up and coming film “The Dukes” Krista’s teaching career began in Orange County almost 15 years ago after being a competition kid herself. She is best known for her popular teaching channel on Youtube, KBM Talent, where she began giving technical tips and online classes to dancers across the globe. With her ballet background and focus on the core strength she has worked with some of the most elite students all over the world. Her passion for the basic principles of technique have made her unique to the teaching field. As most are focused on choreography she has stayed true to helping students find a better technical balance within their own individual body. So this technique combined with each students choreography help to create the whole package.

Tina Caspary

Tina's bio is coming soon!

Maud Arnold

Maud's bio is coming soon!

* MORE FACULTY TO BE ANNOUNCED. Faculty subject to change.

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The Intensive

The hottest dance intensive in the nation is, well… Intense. SHOCK is the original one-day dance intensive packed full of exciting classes from the industry’s top teachers and choreographers. Although it’s only one day, you pay half the cost of a more expensive (and less cool) 2 day convention, but get almost the same number of classes all rolled into 1 day. Now that’s INTENSE.

Not to mention the quality of instruction, no competition stress, and Shock’s insanely talented, world famous faculty... Is there any other choice?

Teachers/Asst. Teachers

You may participate in all classes; Mini, Junior, Teen*, Senior, and your own teacher room.

Students **

Level Suggested Age Session
Seniors 15 & up 7:45am - 4pm
Teens * 12-15 * 7:45am - 4pm
Juniors 9-12 7:45am - 4pm
Minis 7 & up 7:45am - noon

* Teen room available in select cities only.
** This is only a suggested age recommendation. It is up to the discretion of the teacher, who knows the capabilities of each individual student.


Passes are available for $15. Allowed with paid students only. All dancers must pay the registration fee, no dancer may sit in on class as an observer. All teachers and assistant teachers must pay the teacher fee, no teacher, or assistant teacher may register as an observer. No flash photography allowed during class and absolutely NO VIDEO CAMERAS allowed in ballrooms.


Please be courteous to fellow dancers and hotel guests at all times. Please keep noise levels low in hotel rooms and all ballrooms. Cover-ups must be worn outside ballrooms. Any dancer under 16, who is a guest of the hotel, must have a chaperone. If you are in need of help or medical attention, please inform a staff member or hotel operator.

Studio Discounts

For every 10 students registered, one teacher/assistant teacher is admitted FREE. For studios that register 30 dancers, the studio owner receives a hotel room the night before the convention FREE.

Video & Still Cameras

There is absolutely NO VIDEO CAMERAS ALLOWED in the ballrooms at any time. You may take pictures, but please, out of respect for our teachers and students, no flash photography during classes.


Single city and year long scholarships will be awarded at Shock in Mini, Junior and Senior age groups. Free Star Systems solo entry fees will be awarded in Junior and Senior age groups. We also offer a number of other exciting opportunities for attending dancers.

Convention Centers

A number of the SHOCK workshops are held in convention centers. ALL convention centers PROHIBIT coolers from being brought into the facility. Please check ahead of time regarding the venue for the city you will attend.

Solo Showcase

This event will begin following scholarship session. This will be a showcase NOT a competition. It will be an opportunity to get a good solid critique of your solo early in the season, without the pressure of competition. Each dancer can enter no more than 2 solos. We must have 20 solos to hold the showcase and will accept no more than 60 for each event. Fee for the solo showcase is $75 per solo. In order to enter the showcase you must attend SHOCK THE INTENSIVE.

Clean & Critique

This will be held following the scholarship event. It will be a PRIVATE event for the dancers and studio owner no parents/other dancers allowed. It is for small and large groups only, no lines or productions will be allowed. You may select a 1st and 2nd choice of faculty to do the clean and critique. The routines do not have to be complete, you may bring partial choreography for them to clean and critique. This will be a 20 minute intense session with one of our faculty members. The fee for the CLEAN AND CRITIQUE session is $40 per person.

Class Preview!

If you would like to have one of our faculty members come to your studio for a master class ONLY no choreography the night before SHOCK please contact us at info@starsystemstalent.com or call 336 993 9073.


If you would like to have one of our faculty members stay after SHOCK to teach master classes or do choreography please contact us at info@starsystemstalent.com or call 336 993 9073.

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